Girlfriend Collective Compressive Legging, Plum / XXL / Normal

Girlfriend Collective Compressive Legging, Plum / XXL / Normal
Brand: Girlfriend Collective
Size: Normal
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Girlfriend Collective W's Compressive Legging - Made From Recycled Plastic Bottles

Ooh, sustainable high-rise leggings in all the best colors. For all your biking, running, climbing, and hot yoga needs.


The legging that started it all. An extra high-rise with four-way stretch and compressive fabric made from recycled water bottles — basically everything you need to get through your favorite high-impact activities, like running or yoga.

Some colors have the normal full-length model (72cm) and a shorter 7/8 length (60cm).  There's also a capri lengt (49cm).

These are the essential colors and the newest seasonal color of the leggings, if you're looking for the limited colors, you can find them here.


Each pair of our Compressive Leggings diverts 25 bottles from landfills and contains 79% RPET and 21% spandex.

Fit & Sizing:

True to size with an 28cm rise. Meet your new favorite fit.

  • 72cm = Full Length / Normal
  • 60cm = 7/8
  • 49cm = Capri (separate product, click the length to open it)
What's sustainable?

Recycled and recyclable — when you’re finished with this item (a long, long time from now), recycle it with ReGirlfriend.

  • Recycled materials
  • Ethical and transparent manufacturing process
  • Certifications: Bluesign, SA8000, GRS, Oeko-Tex
  • 18.61 lbs  CO2 revented
  • 3.11 gallons water saved
  • 25  water bottles  diverted from landfills

About Girlfriend Collective

"A bunch of old water bottles has never looked so good!"

Girlfriend Collective believes in ethical manufacturing and recycled materials. In addition, the brand believes that health and wellness come in many shapes and sizes, and that representation matters. The colorful designed tops and leggings are made to fit all body types. 

The brand was founded in 2016 by a couple, Ellie and Quang Dinh. Transparency was their first goal when starting Girlfriend Collective and it is still one of the most important values for them. 

Old water bottles and fishing nets are the main raw materials for production. Recycled polyester comes from Taiwan which is nowadays the leader in recycling. Leggings are made from 25 recycled post-consumer water bottles. The Girlfriend Collective processing center is owned by a Taiwanese family and is certified by the Taiwanese government. Factories have an  SA8000 certificate which guarantees that employees are paid a fair wage and treated with respect. Girlfriend is actively looking for ways to help the planet and its inhabitants.


  • Bluesign - Guarantee of product safety
  • SA8000 - Ethical garment manufacturing guarantee
  • Oeko-Tex - Safe textiles

GRS - Global Recycling Standard