Houdini Unisex The Shelter, Baremark Green / XS/S

Houdini Unisex The Shelter, Baremark Green / XS/S
Brand: Houdini
Size: XS/S
400 EUR
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Houdini Unisex The Shelter Anorak Jacket

Waterproof and breathable lightweight shell jacket stripped down to the very essentials. Recycled and recyclable. Fluorocarbon free. This garment is unisex. You still wear your regular size, Houdini just didn’t put different labels in the garment since the model is no different for men and women.

The anorak is a unisex model. Men's size is displayed first, followed by women's size (S / M corresponds to men's S-size and women's M-size.)


Nothing but the very essential. The Shelter is an ultra minimalistic shell jacket built for serious mountaineering and everyday adventures. Light, strong, waterproof, breathable and equipped with just what you need and nothing else.

Freedom grows with reduction. When a garment is designed for one specific activity, it tends to be less useful for everything else. The Shelter is stripped down to the very minimum and therefore extremely flexible. It’s up to you if you would rather take it big mountain skiing, bicycle commuting, kayaking or something else entirely. The Shelter is a wearable multi-tool. Bring it in your backpack and you will be sheltered from any unexpected weather.

The Shelter is made in light, strong and stretchy Loop Hardshell. It’s a 3-layer water- and windproof shell with excellent breathability. The fabric is made from 70% recycled polyester and is completely free from fluorocarbons. To minimize weight and bulk, The Shelter has no zippers. Three buttons adjust the collar width and the hood is helmet-compatible and fully adjustable. It has a generous kangaroo pocket with an internal cell phone pocket and ventilation mesh.

If you are looking for a strong and super light mountaineering shell that has everything you need but nothing else, The Shelter is a great choice. Thanks to the lack of surplus feature it packs down very small and weighs in at only 460g for a men’s medium/women's large. Live light, be free.

The Shelter is unisex. This means you still wear your regular size. The Men's size is shown first, then the Women's Size (S/M equals Men's Small and a Women's Medium). Houdini just didn’t put different labels in the garment since the model is no different for men and women.

The Shelter is fully recyclable and we kindly ask you to return it