Lilja the Label Havu Onepiece, Havu / XS

Lilja the Label Havu Onepiece, Havu / XS
Brand: Lilja the Label
Size: XS
84 EUR
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Lilja the Label Havu Onepiece

Our gorgeous Havu Onepiece is one of our newest arrivals. This onepiece has medium coverage in the back, meaning it’s not full coverage nor too cheeky – just the perfect amount of both! The onepiece features thick straps that are straight in the back and attach into the triangle-shaped high css in the front. The fabric used in this item is ECONYL® containing 78% recycled PA and 22% EA – this fabric plastic collected from our oceans as a raw material giving these valuable resources a new life.

  • Fabric ECONYL®, 78% recycled PA, 22% EA
  • Medium coverage
  • Seam on the waist
  • High triangle shaped cups
  • Straight non-adjustable straps
  • Double lined for extra support, not padded
  • Ethically handmade in Bali
  • ECONYL®, 78% recycled PA, 22% EA

The fabric used in this item is ECONYL, a nylon yarn regenerated from discarded waste plastics, such as fishing nets and plastic bottles collected from our oceans. These post-consumer waste plastics are given a new life in form of our swimwear items through a process that involves breaking down the nylon polymer into monomers, then regenerating the nylon into a new yarn. The breakdown process is done with only temperature and steam, without the use of harmful chemical agents, in a renewable energy driven process. Reusing nylon to make Econyl reduces the environmental impact of nylon by 80% compared with the material produced from crude oil. Read more about the process via the  fabric manufacturer’s website .

Size & Fit

We know that swimwear sizing can be tricky! If you need any help, do not hesitate to get in contact.

A lot of sizing is up to individual preference: you can think of whether you like your swimwear to be tight-fitting, which we recommend for water sports, or a bit on the looser side, which on the other hand is perfect for tanning and relaxing. If you prefer a snug fit, shop your usual size – if you prefer a more loose-fitting size or a bit more coverage, choose a size up. If you are in between sizes, you could probably wear both – the smaller one will be snug and the larger one more loose-fitting.

Please also note that swimwear will also always feel snug when worn dry and for the first time. The fabric will always get a tad softer after being worn a couple of times.

Care Instructions
  • Do not machine wash, tumble dry or iron.
  • Do not hang your swimwear to dry from the straps to avoid stretching.
  • Dry in shade to avoid fading.
  • Rinse with fresh water after every use.
  • Avoid contact with suncream and tanning oils.
What's Sustainable
  • Recycled Plastic 
  • Ethically handmade in Bali