North Outdoor Merino 70 Pro Socks High, Black/Grey Melange / 36-39

North Outdoor Merino 70 Pro Socks High, Black/Grey Melange / 36-39
Brand: North Outdoor
Size: 36-39
19.95 EUR
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INTENSE PRO line socks are the choice of an active exerciser for sports. At the same time flexible, however, tight knit ensures perfect fit. The socks keep their shape also when used. Thin and warm merino wool socks fit well into downhill and cross-country ski boots, trekking shoes and boots. When getting wet, the knit feels still dry and warm, and it won’t curl even when it is wet. The reinforcement of the leg and the sole extending from toes to heel are made of soft and thick terry knit. It makes the feel softer, adding also warmth.

If you appreciate quality, choose INTENSE PRO line. This line is designed for those who exercise actively, for brisk activities. INTENSE PRO socks have been designed for winter and cool mid-season weather. Antibacterial merino wool ensures that the socks won’t smell of sweat. It is often enough to give them mere airing to make them fresh again. Socks are machine washable.

Product details:
  • merino wool socks for sports
  • high leg length
  • soft knit, tight fit
  • flexible, breathable, antibacterial and moisture transferring
  • mulesing free merino wool
  • machine washable
  • Country of Origin : China
  • 70% merino wool, 11% polyester, 16% polyamide, 3% elastane
  • knit: plain / terry
What's Sustainable: 
  • 70% merino wool